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Add your name to show that you aim to reduce your carbon footprint to 3 tonnes per year within 5 years. And receive practical suggestions on how to do it. Find out more 

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Want to take steps that help prevent climate change, but don’t know where or how to begin?

For more about the movement watch the video below or keep reading...

The Consumer-Led Movement provides free practical steps that make a real difference. And guidance on how to make them with ease.

You'll also seeing the wellbeing benefits, which include escaping the trappings of mindless consumerism to live more in line with your true values.

For collective impact that can meaningfully turn the dial on climate change, be part of the Consumer-Led Movement. 

More about the Movement


By coming together and using our consumer power, we can decrease our emissions as well as influence businesses and government policy. Together we can shape a better future through consciously choosing how to spend our money.

As individuals we’ve been lacking practical guidance on how to reduce our carbon footprint without making radical lifestyle changes. Not knowing what we can do that will make a real difference has been holding us back. So has finding time to tackle climate change in our already busy lives. 


The Consumer-Led Movement offers the guidance we’ve been missing in manageable easy steps. These not only reduce our footprint to impact climate change - but also improve our wellbeing. Most of us know that the world has gone consumption crazy, and also that this is causing immense damage to our environment and the climate, as well a making us focus on materialistic things that don’t bring us real fulfilment.


The bitesize solutions edge us away from a life dominated by consumerism. They guide us to make conscious consumer choices that have a positive impact on our planet and our society. Spending less time shopping, and less focus on wanting more material things, gives us more time with friends and family for a more contented life.


The goal is to reduce your carbon footprint to 3 tonnes within 5 years. Done collectively as part of the movement this has the potential to make a huge impact on climate change. It can also begin the cultural shift we need away from consumer lifestyles towards something more sustainable.


Once culture shifts, policy often follows. We’ve been told that there’s only a few years left to act on climate change and that government and big business are not doing enough. We have the opportunity to be the ones creating a positive future for ourselves and the ones we love.


The time is now and the power is ours.


Take the pledge and make your actions count. Sign up to the Consumer-Led Movement now - because collectively, your climate action counts. 

Add your name to show that you aim to reduce your carbon footprint to 3 tonnes per year within 5 years. And receive practical suggestions on how to do it. Find out more.

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