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BCP-CLM Values

In her Ted Talk, Economist Helena Norberg-Hodge said that to make the fundamental change to the economy that is needed, we should shift it from global to local.


This will have multiple benefits including a reduction in CO2 emissions, energy consumption and waste, the restoration of biodiversity and cultural diversity, and the creation of meaningful, secure jobs for the entire global population. In turn, we get to increase our happiness by rebuilding the fabric of connection and community amongst ourselves, and with our local environments.

The values of the BCP-CLM, listed below, centre around these principals with the aim of creating a thriving and resiliant community for ourselves and future generations, creating a blueprint that can be used across the world.

Repairing Tablet


Reduce, reuse, repair, buy local 

Aim to only buy things we really need. First we reuse, restore, upcycle, and fix our existing possessions. When we do need things - we buy local and sustainable products and services where possible, to support the circular, creative economy.


Finger pointing

The BCP-CLM isn’t about “virtue signalling” or pointing fingers, it’s about accepting that none of us are perfect. We’re all guilty of spending money on things that are harmful to nature.


Some people having more money to do that on a bigger scale, or less knowledge about sustainability, isn’t a reason to blame those people. It’s a reason to change how things work. This gives us all the opportunity to thrive - which we have an inner knowing - is far from only being about financial wealth.

Girl with Shopping Bags
Community Garden


Local links

The BCP-CLM aims to shine a light on the amazing people and organisations in our community that are working to make it a better place for people and planet.


We want hearts and minds to connect to reimagine the currently soulless economic model. And together move towards a way of life that maximises on our creativity and resourcefulness, so we can make and buy products and services that increase wellbeing while preserving our beautiful home.

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