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Here we'll post videos and written content with bitesize practical suggestions of how to reduce your carbon footprint. If you want to read all of them in one place and find out more about why we need the Consumer-Led Movement, you can take a look at the book.
How to reduce your carbon footprint through buying fewer new clothes:
How to save up to a tonne of carbon per year by spending sustainably on household furnishings:
More video series coming soon...
Suggestions in writing:

Food and food waste

Content coming soon...

Here's a replay from the N0CO2 hosted webinar from 15.01.21 on what we want from COP26. It was a privilege to be amongst so many great speakers. Lots of insight from all angles for tackling climate change...
N0CO2 interviewing Liz Christou on 18.12.20 about the book and the Consumer-Led Movement:
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