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Add your name to show that you aim to reduce your carbon footprint to 3 tonnes per year within 5 years. 


In the UK, the average person's carbon footprint is 8.46 tonnes. In the US it's 17.75 tonnes. Across the developed world our footprint is higher than the planets'  ecosystems can cope with and excess carbon in the atmosphere is causing climate change.

Adding your name to our database means we can begin to track how many people are willing to take action to prevent further climate change.

We’ll contact you with practical steps you can take in your everyday life that will collectively make a dramatic impact. And we’ll send you updates on the benefit these are having on climate change as part of the Consumer-Led Movement.

You can find out your personal carbon footprint now at Remember the measurement of "Your Carbon Footprint (CO2 emissions in tonnes per year)". When you carry out the practical steps to reduce your carbon footprint you can go back and check your measurement to see how it's improved.     

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